The approach

I utilize a wholistic approach integrating the mind (how we think and feel), body (how we take care of our physical selves from the inside- out) and spirit (who we are in this world).

By using this approach I help individuals challenge aspects that aren’t working in their lives and help them focus on identifying what IS working.

This is done by taking an active role in treatment instead of a passive one.

You are the expert of your life and together we can collaborate on helping to create new meaning to it. I utilize several therapeutic styles that focus on an individual or a couples strengths.

I am a therapist who continuously thinks “outside of the box.” At times I may utilize art, music, movie clips, spirituality, movement and mindfulness during therapy; because I feel that we all express ourselves using many of our senses and through different means aside from talking.

I personalize each session to address any symptoms that may present themselves and introduce healthy coping skills accordingly. I believe that prevention work through life’s changes is crucial.

Pre-marriage counseling, entering new relationships, becoming parents and other role transitions can be challenging for some, but counseling can help increase healthy communication and build sound, long-lasting relationships.

I have been trained in several approaches such as CBT, Postmodern, and Mindfulness and integrate psycho-education when necessary. Don’t wait, take the first step today.

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Meet Yael


Yael Katzman, M.A.

LMFT | Therapist – Counselor – Psychotherapist

Licensed by California Board of Behavioral Sciences

LMFT # 52825

Yael earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in Human Development and

Master of Arts in Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy.

She also is trained in postmodern approach to help her patients succeed in this stressful era.