You have reached a crossroad in your life.

Somewhere on your path you lost the parts of yourself that used to bring you joy.

You feel like each day you wake up and clock in to your life role and responsibility, as a daughter, wife, mother, employee and/or business woman. You put on your invisible uniform and fulfill the expectations of others. Most of these roles you chose for yourself so you feel guilty for even feeling this way but something inside of you hadn’t envisioned this being how you would be feeling at this stage of your life. You want more!!! More joy, energy, meaning, courage, fulfillment and connection.

The day to day expectations of these roles have you feeling pressure, worry, loneliness, jaded or just fed up. You have been so focused on fulfilling others needs and expectations that you lost perspective of your own. You can’t remember the last time you asked yourself, What do I need? What do I want? or maybe you have, and they have been suppressed without a voice or without action for so long that they just want to scream to be let out. Either way this is keeping you feeling stuck and confused on which direction to take next. Perhaps an event from your past left an imprint that is showing up in your life and holding you back, in fear from being your best self.

You are ready to be set free. You no longer want to be on cruise control and are ready to take control of the steering wheel.  Just sitting in the therapist’s chair and having someone listen to you is not enough for you. You are looking for someone who will guide and collaborate with you on this journey. Someone who will create a safe space that is free of judgment for you to release, let go and be vulnerable, so you can take the mask off and just “be real”. You are ready to let go of the restraints from your past experiences and move towards feeling more connected and aware of your own voice and ready to strengthen and empower it. Each week you want to have your energy shifted in some way, whether calming, energizing, creatively or through humor. You want to move one step closer on that map of your life to where you want to be. You know you are made for more and are ready to show up as YOU just Version 2.0.

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