Most days just seem like such a drag lately. You find yourself hitting snooze a few more times than before. You muster up whatever energy you can to get your work done at home, at school or at the office. You find yourself doing the bare minimum to keep people around you happy including your
friends, family and your kids. You get easily annoyed or you find yourself crying out of know where. Sometimes you feel indifferent about decisions and the voice of “I don’t care” and “what’s the point”, seems to be getting louder lately. Once a blossom, now you feel stepped on by your thoughts and buried in the darkness of these feelings and you just want to see the light.

You are looking for someone who will guide you in helping you water your soul from deep within, feel nurtured, and show you that there is light nearby for you to reach up for. You are ready to grow and with each step up you want to gain strength, energy, joy, confidence, connect with others and feel more fulfilled. You are ready to set roots and ground yourself in who you really are and feel more alive.

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