The approach

I utilize a wholistic approach (the “whole” self) integrating the mind (how we think and feel), body (how we take care of our physical selves from the inside- out) and spirit (who we are in this world).

I have been trained in several approaches such as CBT, Solution Brief Focused Therapy, Narrative, Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness. What all these approaches share in common is the emphasis on collaborative and strength based work.

You are the expert of your life and my goal is to work side by side with you to help empower you to build inner awareness and confidence in taking steps towards tackling your challenges and struggles.

Therapy does not always have to present itself as just face to face talking. I like to use “out of the box” interventions such as music, movie clips, art, spirituality, movement, writing, meditation and connecting to my client’s hobbies/passions during therapy; to help client’s integrate and connect with all their different senses and aspects of themselves.