You find yourself tired because you are in a constant battle with your mind. Sometimes it makes it hard for you to catch a breath, or just feel like  you can’t just chill because your thoughts and the sensations in your body have you feeling like you are running a marathon even though you are simply lying in bed.

You may have a hard time saying “no” to people and your ‘things to do’ pile seems never ending. You fantasize about the idea of sitting on the beach drinking a cocktail out of a glass with a pink umbrella, but when you actually sit down on the couch to take a break, that pressure in your chest doesn’t seem to go away. You feel guilty thinking about all the things that you “should” be doing instead.

You live the life of a fortune teller, flipping between predicting how things are going to “probably” end up and giving yourself a hard time for how things played out in the past.

But you sure aren’t getting paid for it and you aren’t always right.

The playlist constantly streaming on auto play is saying: What if….?, Why bother…, I can’t…, I won’t…, I shouldn’t…, I’m not good enough…, I’m an impostor… and those messages are keeping you from even taking that first step.

You are ready to start dating again, set limits with people, venture out of the house with the baby, organize your time and responsibilities, start doing something for self-care every day, or take a leap with your job or career.

You’re ready to set out on a journey of figuring out how to show up each day feeling calm, collected, and courageous. You want to learn strategies to tame the voice of uncertainty, take steps towards learning how to manage sitting in discomfort and make small consistent strides of action towards victories in living a limitless life.

Get ready to check off that first box of victory…take that first step today towards living your best life!

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